What Trends Will Custom Packaging See In 2017?

Marketing experts predict some global packaging trends that are going to prominent in the industry in 2017.

• Simple, bold and clear: going back to fundamentals is a trend that never dies. This year the version of simple, bold and clear is going to be more expressive and more persuasive to the customers. Using minimum elements in the package design can promote the product in a very decent way. In today’s fast moving world consumers have not much time to read each and every detail given on the box? So just stick to the essential information and help the purchaser to make the right decision. A clear, clean design can convey the information and make the product shine using simplicity.

• Custom lettering: every designer loves mind grinding and to get crafty to generate some of the best work by hand. They do this practice to get the original effects in the designs. Irregular line and natural texture files can make a product stand out in comparison to the digital designs and patterns. This natural look can create a feeling of warmth to the product making it feel complete, wholesome. So in 2017, we are going to witness a comeback of custom hand lettering as a packaging trend.

• Play with colors: generally colors do stimulate emotions and affect the purchasing decisions. For this reason, choosing colors has always been one of the major decisions in packaging design. Bright and vibrant colors are going to make colorful scenes on the store shelves in 2017. We have seen that different colors are used to differentiate varieties of a product. A consumer might not remember the name or number of their favorite product, but they surely are able to recall the packaging color. All this involved a color psychology and if used properly words might not be needed in 2017.

• Using illustrations as narrative: behind every packaging design, there is a story. Customers seek out and cherish the stories which they feel close to their hearts. Using an illustration technique in packaging design can be very helpful in telling your brand story. This style can take the customer into the fantasy world. The illustration is gaining its place in industry, and in coming years are the years of carefully crafted, content rich illustrations.

• Go Vintage: packaging designs are getting popular every year through the use of new technologies and materials. Vintage designs bring back the memories of people who actually lived through that time. The success key in going vintage is to find the balance, evoke nostalgia and maintain a sharp modern look at the same time.

• Ingenious die-cuts: most traditional box designs conceal its contents, but contemporary designers are conducting experiments with die-cutting by showing the product and to use it to their advantage. If the packaging can show the product in the most meaning full and clever manner that means there are more chances that buyer would stop and take a notice of the product.

• Repeating patterns: using well-chosen and attractive patterns can make a box design from ordinary to extraordinary. The idea of repeating shapes and patterns can be simple, but it can have dynamic effects if used correctly. It doesn’t matter whether the pattern is bold or playful patterns have the ability to create a strong identity of the product that customers will never forget.

• Mail delivery trend: we all remember the joy of getting something through the mail. With the advancement of transportation and communication channels that experience is lost. So this packaging trend in 2017 is here to save that feeling with an emerging postal trend. There are some manufacturers in the market who are already using this trend. They use customized stamps to make the product more authentic. This type of packaging for ice-creams, cookies, and cakes draws the attentions of the passersby. This also gives a nostalgic feeling to the customers.

• Eco-friendly Packaging: biodegradable, natural, environmentally friendly or call it whatever you like to call. But going green with packaging is the new trend that is going to hit in 2017. Further, then its positive impacts on the environment, it can save expensive and attract the customers. Multinational companies are now doing experiments with biodegradable materials to make innovative designs for their products. One of the manufacturers of bottles sells bottles made with ocean plastic. Now more and more consumer brands are going green in packaging designs and this is the only trend we hope to see grow and sustain in every year to come because it benefits all.

• Reuse and recycling: sustainability is always the central topic of any project. With the emerging trend of using biodegradable and eco-friendly materials concept of reusing and recycling is also a fast growing trend. The concept of “reuse” consist multipurpose packaging design that gives a second life to all the boxes. A life beyond just to be a product box.

With all the discussed packaging trends in mind, we can say that trends in the packaging industry in 2017 design should be simple and must add authenticity and meaning to the product. Both companies and private individuals also realize that product that communicates a clear and persuasive message to consumers enhances their confidence with ultimately leads them to purchase that product. Trends come and go and come back yet again, but they are the most impactful communication use we can use in branding our product.